Guys, I know I have been absent on the blog for the past couple of weeks but let’s just talk about the latest and greatest royal news. Palace officials have confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child! I am obviously a royal lover (have we met?) and I absolutely … More #RoyalBaby2

Happy Weekend

I am not looking forward to this weekend. I have so many assignments due that I suspect I’ll be held up in the uni library for the majority of Saturday and Sunday. Fun times! Lucky I love the smell of old books. I hope your weekend isn’t filled with studying, researching and writing essays. Have … More Happy Weekend

Weekend in Canberra

I had a fabulous time in Canberra over the weekend, celebrating Milly’s 21st and catching up with school friends. After a two hour delay at Armidale Airport (thanks to the fog in Sydney), I finally arrived in Sydney on Saturday afternoon. Anna picked me up from the airport (with fresh pastries in hand), where we … More Weekend in Canberra

Happy Weekend

Finally the weekend is here! It’s been a pretty relaxed week with not much going on besides uni and work. I am heading to Canberra tomorrow morning to celebrate Milly’s 21st and to catch up with some school friends. Can’t wait! Next week I will be tackling the growing number of assignments I have to complete start. What … More Happy Weekend

Twirling in Pink

I was going through some of my Pinterest boards with mum this afternoon and I came to realise I have quite the obsession with hot pink skirts. The following images were pinned altogether so I must’ve gone on a pink skirt rampage. I am also loving the midi-skirt trend at the moment! I don’t think … More Twirling in Pink

Grace of Monaco

Mum is as much of a royal lover as I am so we were both dying to see Grace of Monaco (even with the awful reviews it had received). We went last week and whilst the overall film was disappointing, the visuals were spectacular. Out of all the things Princess Grace accomplished in her life, the film … More Grace of Monaco

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. My fave gal pals from the Central Coast came to Armidale to visit me, and whilst we are usually on a schedule (who, me?), the past couple of days were relaxed and exactly what I needed (i.e. no uni work). Anna, Sarah … More Weekend Recap


Although I currently have a major obsession with the colour lilac, there’s something about a pop of yellow in the middle of winter that’s calming, reassuring and is able to instantly put me in a good mood. Bisous x Images: one / two / three / four / five