Anna and Amy

Until recently, I never really understood the hype around Amy Schumer. I just thought she was another funny girl trying to crack into the elusive female comedian market of Hollywood. I had also read some bad press about her when she was in Australia to promote Trainwreck, the box-office hit that she wrote and starred in (this interview in particular comes to mind). Consequently, I hadn’t consumed any of her work because I thought I didn’t like her.

A few months after Trainwreck had been released, Holly and I were in our Las Vegas hotel room, curled up in the foetal position with PCD (post-Celine depression). We had been to the Celine Dion concert the night before at Caesars Palace and because it was such an incredible experience, we were feeling rather dull the next day, as surely, there was nothing we could do that would be better than Celine! The concert itself was so emotional, as Celine had just returned to The Colosseum from taking time off to look after her sick husband (she showed a slideshow of her family and everyone in the audience was in tears!). We had gone out to get breakfast and coffee and came back to the room to spend the day in bed watching movies. Neither of us had seen Trainwreck and because we both needed a laugh, we decided to watch it. We were in stitches! Both Holly and I absolutely loved it and loved Amy. Considering we paid forty Australian dollars to watch it (why are hotel on-demand movies so expensive?!), I am so glad we did love it!

Safe to say that ever since that Sunday in November 2015, I have adored Amy Schumer and her work. I also don’t need to tell you how much I love and respect Anna Wintour (you need to see The First Monday in May if you haven’t already!). When US Vogue released their July issue with Amy Schumer on the cover, they also made this priceless video that shows Amy and Anna swapping jobs for the day. Hilarity ensues and it makes me love both women even more.

Jonathan Van Meter’s corresponding Vogue article on Amy is also worth the read.

Funny, right? It goes to show that Anna is not in fact a devil, but someone who is actually quite funny (that mic drop at the end!) and willing to laugh at herself. And Amy with that massive coffee cup and those sunglasses? I die.



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