Happy Weekend


I am currently sitting in bed, listening to Tay and trying to find a dress to wear to the ballet tomorrow night. Mum and I are flying to Sydney first thing in the morning for a girls weekend away (Prudence drove down this afternoon) before seeing Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake tomorrow night at the Capitol Theatre. I cannot wait! However, I still don’t have a dress, which is quite unusual for me; you know, being the organised type and all. Even I’m surprised I didn’t get one for the occasion as soon as I knew I was going. Seriously, who am I turning into? I don’t have a Plan B, so fingers crossed, I’ll find something tomorrow in the city. SJP is also coming for the weekend, and she is just as excited as me. I’m sure she’ll love Sydney, and the ballet! 

As always, I’ll be on Insta if you’d like to follow along. 

Have a lovely weekend, peeps!



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