“Expect the Unexpected”

Last Friday, New York City was transported to a place of audacious femininity and adventure. This of course was the kate spade new york 2015 Fall Collection, where pinks, plaids and woodland creatures collided to create a whimsical fairytale. Usually, I would reconsider wearing anything that resembles a fox, but somehow, Deborah Lloyd, the company’s creative director was able to flawlessly combine kate spade new york’s timeless style with the unexpected, resulting in a well-deserved showstopper. The presentation was set against a backdrop of illustrations created by Mike McConnell.

“as the temperatures drop, our craving for indulgence rises. we head inside, into the city’s cozy hotel bars and hidden lounges where we hatch wild schemes, embellish small tales, share secrets and feed our senses. the intimate conversations we enter into have sumptuous layers—of sly wit, flirtatious entendres and out of the ordinary ideas—that slowly unravel as we warm up to our environment and the delightful people around us, both known and unknown.

and so the collection’s relaxed layers of rich woolen plaids, flannels and quilting mix with pretty hues and elaborately adorned fabrics. iconic silhouettes are nipped and tucked to befit our modern heroine. woodland fox reds and accents of pink—both softly spoken and as shocking punctuation—mix with chocolatey browns, black and cream.

where audacious femininity meets a sense of adventure is where our fall begins.

expect the unexpected.”

—deborah lloyd

My personal favourites from the collection include the hot pink coat, the plaid shirt dress with the pussy bow and the flannel midi skirt.

KS 1

For a look #behindthecurtain, make sure you check out Behind the Scenes and The Details.

Even though I watch through Instagram snaps, 15,000 kilometres away, I love how every year the kate spade new york presentation isn’t a traditional fashion show. One day, I might even be able to go! #keepdreaming


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