Neutrals and Pink

Hello! Yes, I am alive, if you were wondering. Apologies for the absence on the blog; the past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. And before that? I had a serious case of post holiday depression which inhibited me from doing anything besides watching seasons 1 to 3 of Girls and inhaling Lena’s book, Not That Kind of Girl (highly recommend), whilst wearing my SJP shoes around the house (tragic, I know). But anyway, I am back, refreshed and ready for 2015! It’s going to be a fun year!

For your benefit, I have collated some of my favourite neutral and pink images. I love this colour scheme! Is there anything more chic?!

Neutrals and pink 1

Neutrals and pink 2

Neutrals and pink 3

Neutrals and pink 4

Neutrals and pink 5

Neutrals and pink 6

Neutrals and pink 7

 one / two / three / four / five /six / seven

For the ultimate neutrals and pink blog, you must head on over to Gal Meets Glam. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Stay tuned for posts from Paris and Dubai!


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