Postcards from London: Day 8

Wednesday in London was definitely my favourite day! We began with breakfast at Daylesford, a cafe in Pimlico that sources the majority of its produce from its farm in Gloucestershire. We originally stumbled upon the Notting Hill premises and later realised that there was one in Pimlico, right near the Kate Spade New York store (how convenient!). Not only do they have a cafe, but Daylesford is also home to a bakery, deli and gourmet grocer. It reminded me a lot of the bakery out of It’s Complicated. I had the buttermilk pancakes with honey & fresh berries and an apple & elderflower juice – delish!

After shopping at Kate Spade New York and Acne, we made our way to Park Lane, Mayfair to see how the other half live by having lunch at The Dorchester. Oh my goodness! It was divine. Anna and I are 99% positive we were sitting opposite Ryan Seacrest, who was in London at the time (I googled). We can’t be 100% sure though because he was always mumbling (no chance of eavesdropping/listening to his voice #creepy) and he wouldn’t take his cap off. We’ll obviously claim it though.

Leaving The Dorchester, we walked through Hyde Park to see the Peter Pan statue, where we did get a photo but it turned out blurry thanks to the random stranger who took it. Anna then went to the Serpentine Galleries, whilst I continued walking through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens to Kensington Palace (KP if you are familiar with the lingo) to see my good friends, Wills and Kate. Again. 

By the time we left KP and the Galleries, it was already dark (classic London) so we headed straight to Somerset House for ice skating! In conjunction with Fortnum & Mason, Somerset House hosts a winter extravaganza, which includes ice skating, shopping and wining & dining at Fortnum’s Lodge. If you ever visit London leading up to Christmas, this is a definite must do! We had goose for dinner before skating and for aprés skate, we enjoyed delicious hot chocolates (visual below). The figure skates I have hanging in my bedroom at home (I sometimes tell people I used to be a professional figure skater #whatajoke!) and the numerous winters we spent in Canada as kids did not help me on the ice rink at all. I was pretty awful and clung to the wall for the majority of the hour!















Look, no hands!


A white hot chocolate with salted caramel marshmallows for moi and a milk hot chocolate with vanilla marshmallows for Anna. 

It’s 8:21am here in Paris and the sun still hasn’t risen. As soon as it does, we are going to the Musée d’Orsay via Rose Bakery for breakfast and then onto La Tour Eiffel later this afternoon.


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