Postcards from London: Days 1-4

Hello from London! Anna and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon after a surprisingly great flight. Although we tried our hardest to get upgraded, we found ourselves in economy (where we belong) on an almost empty flight. We ended up with a row to ourselves on the Qantas A380 and with the combination of a comprehensive inflight entertainment selection, friendly crew members and dare I say it, edible food (I actually ate plane food, can you believe it?!), it was a most enjoyable flight.

From Heathrow, it was fairly easy to navigate our way to our local tube station. How great is London public transport compared to Sydney? We did, however, forget that we had extremely heavy suitcases so managing the stairs at Paddington station proved difficult. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t carry your suitcases up multiple flights of stairs, attempt to walk up a few steps and then burst out in fits of laughter (I’m talking hysterics here) until two nice gentlemen offer to take your bags for you. You can then pretend you have a personal suitcase carrier whilst you follow with just your handbag. That’s what Anna and I did and it worked a treat.

After getting lost upon arrival in our suburb, we finally arrived at our apartment in the most darling little street. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around our little village. Seriously, it is so cute. The local grocer is reminiscent of the one in The Holiday where Cameron Diaz is drinking a bottle of red and the shop assistant says “someone’s having a party tonight!” whilst Christmas carols play in the background. 

On Thursday morning we headed straight for Harrods where our minds were blown by ALL.THE.BEAUTIFUL.THINGS. Cycling around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens followed before seeing my good friends Kate, Wills, George and Baby #2 at their newly renovated home, KP.




photo 3-2



We didn’t realise how much we relied on our iPhones until we continuously found ourselves not knowing where to go because we don’t have Google Maps on hand! Always on the hunt for wifi.




Ten points for you if you know what movie the above house and street is from! Minus ten points if you don’t know/we are no longer friends. 








The most incredible wallpaper of Princess Diana illustrations.

photo 2-4 copy




We spent Thursday catching up with Kate (a fellow coastie) by eating Mexican and drinking hibiscus margaritas in Brixton Village.

On Friday we had a later start before visiting the Tower of London, London Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern. We saw Matilda the Musical at Cambridge Theatre on Friday night and oh my goodness, it was incredible! An absolute delight. I can’t recommend it enough! 




888,246 ceramic poppies each representing a British military fatality during the war.







photo 4

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning to get a spot at Granger & Co. It was the first time in days we had enjoyed a decent coffee (Allpress, of course). We may or may not have gone back for a late lunch. The rest of the day was wandering around Notting Hill before walking to The Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill and Camden Town. So much walking! 


photo 1-2

The above is a more obvious movie reference. I feel sorry for you if you don’t recognise it.

Today we are off to the city for a spot of shopping before having afternoon tea at The Wolseley! Can’t wait.


P.S. The house and street is from The Parent Trap and the above is from Notting Hill, duh!


7 thoughts on “Postcards from London: Days 1-4

  1. Anna and Olive, what a spectacular trip you are having! Hope you are over the jet-lag by now… Can’t wait for the next instalment, these photos are absolutely stunning!
    Bon voyage!

      1. Missing you darling daughter and so is Bert! Hope you are having fun and creating marvelous memories. Love you forever Mum xx

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