SJP’s Greenwich Village Townhouse

When Prudence and I were younger we would go to our friends’ house and whilst the mothers chatted over tea and cake, Prudence, myself and the other girls our age would sneakily watch episodes of Sex and the City. This was when it was on VHS and whilst we had no idea of what was happening, we were all mesmerised by the clothes, the shoes and New York City. A few years later, mum requested the box set for Christmas and we delightfully got it for her, knowing our days of SATC on VHS were over. We became addicted (just like any other show we watch), and whilst Prudence was (and still is) an Aidan and Burger fan, I was always Team Big. After mysteriously going missing for a few years (we think mum was giving us a hint), the whole six seasons are back in our hot little hands and we have rejoiced in watching the episodes again. It’s a testament to the show’s costume designer, Patricia Fields, that you can watch any of the 94 episodes (aired from 1998-2004) in 2014 and still love and appreciate the fashion. Carrie Bradshaw is an icon for style and so was her wardrobe. Let’s just take a trip down memory lane and have a look at her three closets from the show and movies.

Sex and the City Series 1-6:


Sex and the City 1


 Sex and the City 2


When I saw on Pinterest that her Greenwich Village townhouse was on the market, I was intrigued to find out whether her personal wardrobe is as fabulous as her Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe? Considering she has two closets in her $22 million dollar home, I would definitely say it is every bit as fabulous (and so is the rest of the house). 







Amazing, right?


SATC Wardrobe Images: one / two / three

SJP’s Greenwich Village Townhouse Images via Domaine Home.

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