Weekend in Canberra

I had a fabulous time in Canberra over the weekend, celebrating Milly’s 21st and catching up with school friends. After a two hour delay at Armidale Airport (thanks to the fog in Sydney), I finally arrived in Sydney on Saturday afternoon. Anna picked me up from the airport (with fresh pastries in hand), where we began our hilarious road trip to Canberra, picking Brianna up along the way. After nearly breaking down (must remember: cars need petrol), we arrived quite late into Canberra and headed to the party. It was so great to see everyone and catch up with girls I haven’t seen since high school. The party was set out to perfection with pink tissue paper pom poms and bunting adorning the room. My favourite decoration was the giant ’21’ made out of hot and pale pink balloons. Let’s not forget the chocolate mud cake decorated with macarons. I mean… c’mon, perfection!


On Sunday morning, Brianna, Anna and I headed to Urban Pantry at Manuka for coffee and breakfast. I wish I had ordered the eggs benedict (the ricotta hotcakes were a little disappointing), however, the coffee and decor was sublime. 

How organised is Canberra?! I love that it was a purpose-built city because it makes getting around a breeze. Anna wanted to check out an exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved looking at all the art (ha!). I just wish a Prince was standing behind me admiring the same painting à la Blair and Louis in Gossip Girl. 

We were all in awe of James Turrell’s outdoor lighting installation at the entrance to the gallery. It was absolutely amazing and so clever. We probably spent half an hour admiring his work.





We then popped into the shops on the way home where I bought a 
pair of boots from Country Road for Europe. So glad I have finally found a pair… What a relief! Now I just have to find a woollen hat that will fit my abnormally large head. I also called into T2 and picked up a block of their tea infused Choo Choo Chocolate (delicious!) and a sample of Adelaide Breakfast, which I can’t wait to try. 

Anna and I quickly visited Coast at Ettalong Beach on Monday before I jumped on the train and headed back to Armidale. Ettalong has been developed into a charming little area on the Peninsula; a much needed improvement from what it used to be!

photo 2-4

photo 1
I am probably in the minority here, but I really loved Canberra! The galleries, museums, cafes, shops, culture and atmosphere – it was a fabulous weekend! I can’t wait to visit again and spend a few days exploring the city.

Have you been to Canberra? Like it? 


Images from Milly, Anna or myself. 

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