My Week On Instagram

photo 5.PNG

Afternoon tea dates with William at Prue & Olive. He was telling me how two girls at school want to be his girlfriend, and he doesn’t know what to do about it. I was dying of laughter.

photo 4.PNG

Sebastian flew home on Tuesday and got me a little gift. I was tickled pink with two gorgeous pink rollerballs picked up from Kikki-K’s airport store (super friendly staff). They are absolute heaven to write with.

photo 3.PNG copy

Whilst waiting for Offspring to start on Wednesday night (#TeamLeo), I was looking through old photo albums. This is one of my favourites of Prudence and I. 

photo 2.PNG

Mum’s been sick this week, so on Saturday night, we watched Something’s Gotta Give, tucked up in her bed. I forgot how funny it is, not to mention the absolutely divine Hamptons beach house the film is set in. So many hydrangeas!

photo 1.PNG

The little study I did on Sunday still deserved a snack break. The best kind when strawberries, freckles & red frogs (the best lolly combination!) and scones with jam & cream are involved. If you haven’t tried the freckle & red frog combination yet, do so ASAP. I discovered it at boarding school and it has since been a definite #gamechanger.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Bisous x

All images from my Instagram account (@livbutt). 

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