Part-Time Paleo

My plan on doing a four week paleo diet was good in theory, it just wasn’t executed that well. Let me rephrase that: it lasted approximately one and a half days. Although I no longer eat like a cavewoman, Prudence, Ivy and I (my paleo support buddies) have taken a few paleo principles and have put them into practice. So yesterday, Prudence and Ivy baked a paleo raw choc-raspberry cake for our weekly Wednesday dinner/Offspring date. For a cake that is strictly paleo, it was quite scrumptious, however, last night we came to the conclusion that we should no longer try and make healthy desserts, as the best desserts are the ones which contain ridiculous amounts of sugar and chocolate. Prudence used a Sporteluxe recipe and from what I could see (I was kitchen manager), it was fairly easy to make. Serve with strawberries and ice-cream (#parttimepaleo). 

photo 1 copy

photo 3


Bisous x

Image three stolen from Prudence’s Instagram; one & two my own.

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