There’s nothing I love more than immersing myself into a great television show. Lately, besides Suits, I haven’t found myself addicted to a show, where I watch episode after episode. As I am more of a ‘watch a season in a day’ type of gal, I like shows to be a little more established where two or more seasons are readily available to view. Ivy has been harping on about Nashville for a few months now but I always found excuses not to watch it. However, last week at the local video shop, it was staring Prudence and I in the face, so we decided to hire it. Guys, I am in love. With the story lines, setting, characters, costumes and Connie Britton’s hair (which needs its own blog post). It’s funny how I seem to gravitate towards music-based television shows (hello One Tree Hill), when in actual fact I have no musical talent at all. In short, Nashville follows the lives of Rayna Jaymes (played by Connie Britton), a country music legend (with AH-MAZING hair) and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), a younger rising star. 

This post, however, is about the Stella Sisters. Maisy and Lennon Stella (who are real-life sisters) play Daphne and Maddie, Rayna Jaymes’ daughters in Nashville. They are beyond adorable on the show, so naturally, I had to find out more. They started out on YouTube and then transitioned onto Nashville. I had trouble selecting just a few YouTube clips to show you, so you will just have to spend a good hour or two yourself listening to them.

Firstly, I love their names, and I’ll be adding them to my baby name list. Secondly, they are beyond talented, especially as they’re so young (Maisy is 10 and Lennon is 14). I spent the morning on YouTube looking up their original songs, covers and interviews and have since told everyone I see about their talent.

Because I’m slow to the party, you’ve probably already heard about them, but I just had to share.

Their cover of Ho Hey is definitely my favourite. I’ve been singing it (badly) all day!

How appropriate that their surname is Stella, right? Maisy and Lennon are reason alone to love Nashville. 

Have you seen Nashville? Addicted, like me? 

Bisous x


7 thoughts on “Stella

  1. Adelaide and I are also obsessed with Lennon and Maisy #socute.
    Also I thought of where you might of heard these Nashville songs before… Um my house. They are all on the playlist that is generally playing through my house. (insert of favourite emoji)

  2. Did Ivy also tell you that we saw my girl crush Connie in Soho, NYC? This was before we were fans of her on Nashville and I was into Friday Night Lights where she plays a character called Tammy Taylor!

      1. Well make sure you ask her about it. She spotted her and I then stalked her around the store. Glad you enjoyed my winning scrolls.

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