Papier D’Amour Sale

Kate Spade PA

Community service announcement: Papier D’Amour have just announced a sale, which if you’re not familiar with the store, means there is a Kate Spade sale (and because they’re located in Australia, it also means they’ll ship to Armidale!). Papier D’Amour, the most gorgeous store in Double Bay, is a Kate Spade stockist and they currently have up to 50% off.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 9.51.11 pm

Now, my #firstworldproblem is: do I buy something knowing I am going to an actual Kate Spade store in just over a week? This ‘Get Out Of Town’ canvas pouch is calling my name. I say the phrase at least once a day, and William now replies “get into town!” if I say it to him (cheeky little thing).

Let me know if you get anything, and I’ll be completely jealous from afar. 

Bisous x

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