Modern Ballerina

Modern Ballerina

Just popping into say hello. I am currently in the library trying to finish off a couple of assignments – I have my earphones in, am listening to a bit of Adele, and eating Coles chocolate-chip cookies (a serious #gamechanger, so yummy!). I have been procrastinating on Pinterest: daydreaming about future apartments, houses, clothes, outfits, meals and pets. Are you on Pinterest? Follow me or have a look at my pins and boards. I’m bonjourolive on there! Isn’t this Modern Ballerina just darling?

Bisous x

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2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. love that you are dreaming about absolutely everything from clothes, houses to pets because it means I am not the only one that does it. #daydreamingaboutthefuturewheniamamillionaire

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