The countdown to Honolulu has officially started! Prudence and I leave Armidale this time in three weeks for our Hawaiian adventure. We’re flying to Sydney, where we’ll stay the night, before flying out to Hawaii on Wednesday evening. I cannot wait! I’m starting to organise everything now, writing down things I want to do whilst over there, but I’m thinking the majority of our days will be spent shopping, eating and sleeping. Sounds pretty good to me!

hawaii 2

hawaii 7

hawaii 6
Have you been to Honolulu? What do you recommend? We would love any suggestions you have!

Bisous x

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2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. I gave Ivy my list of recommendations to pass on.
    They are from when I went a few years back, but hopefully nothing much has changed and they aren’t too out of date.
    Look forward to reading about it.
    Adelaide (The original)

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