Easy Like A Sunday Morning

It’s true what they say about Sundays: “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”. It’s my favourite day of the week as it allows me to get organised for the week ahead, and for a Type A person like myself, this is not only important, but I really love it. Maxie wrote a thought provoking post for Carly about how everyone should be ‘soaking up Sunday’, and I have to agree, that once I made the conscious decision to prepare for the week ahead and really enjoy my Sundays, my mood has improved and my productivity has increased. 

We’re lucky in Armidale that there are some sort of markets on nearly every weekend. On Saturday night at Cafe Affamato, Prudence, Ivy, William and I decided to wake up early and walk to the Markets in the Mall to get our usual almond croissants and coffee. Pastries and caffeine in hand, we sat on the verandah at home, and soaked in all the sunshine (is Winter coming?) whilst planning the week ahead. Ivy has been sending Prudence and I SnapChats all week, raving about her favourite muesli, so she brought some over with yoghurt for us to sample. Guys, it’s a #gamechanger, and it’s not an expensive brand of muesli either – it’s the Woolworths Gold range. I’m always skeptical about home brand products, but this is delicious. We had the orange and macadamia, but there are other varieties as well. Get onto it ASAP. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 4.56.11 pm

photo 2

The rest of the day consisted of watching Tangled and Frozen twice with William, ironing mountains of washing, making a yummy trail mix (I’ll be posting the recipe tomorrow) and organising my uni work for the week.

How did you spend your Sunday? I now feel ready to tackle the huge week ahead of me (I have two assignments due on Friday)!

I hope your Sunday brings you a week of content.

Bisous x

Images: one / two


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