The Weekend That Was

Weekends go super fast, don’t they? I had planned to organise my life this weekend and catch up on uni work but as always, I didn’t.

On Friday night, Ivy, Holly and I went to Azka for cocktails to celebrate the end of another week. ‘Twas quite delicious. I ordered the Cosmonaught, a twist on the classic Cosmo, whilst Ivy and Holly both ordered the New England Martini. I’ve been to the restaurant part of Azka before, but I much prefer the wine and tapas bar, where we were. We got three tapas to share: prawns, lamb koftas and a turkish bread plate with an assortment of dips (oh my gosh, the beetroot aioli was divine). We then went to the Red Grapevine for dessert. Ivy and I are doing a six week challenge at the gym and our trainer would kill us if he knew we went out specifically for dessert, but you would too, if you knew about their macadamia cheesecake! (#gamechanger)

Photo 16-05-2014 6 51 35 pm (HDR)

Friday night at Azka.

We had guests for the remainder of the weekend and spent the majority of Saturday at Prue & Olive.

The most exciting thing was going to the Armidale Rotary Club’s annual Book Fair (#bookworm) at the racecourse. I picked up some great finds including a limited edition book celebrating fifty years of The Australian Women’s Weekly (published in 1983). There are only 1000 copies and it’s signed by the author, editor of the magazine as well as the editor-in-chief of Australian Consolidated Press. For a magazine and media junkie like me, this is gold. It’s the ultimate coffee table book, and may need a whole blog post alone! I also got some great royal biographies (standard). 

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

Bisous x

Image from my Instagram.

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