Mad About Betty Draper

Everyone knows I love a good television show. I prefer to binge watch a show than to watch it weekly on the telly. Some of my favourite shows are Suits, One Tree Hill, The Newsroom, Friends, Offspring (cannot wait for the season five premiere tonight!), Gossip Girl, Brothers & Sisters and Gilmore Girls.

A few nights ago I was procrastinating so decided to start watching Mad Men. I’ve heard many people rave about this show and whilst I have enjoyed the first two episodes, I absolutely loved the fashion, both men and women’s. In particular, I loved Betty’s. Betty, played by January Jones, is main mad men, Don Draper’s wife. Her hair is always immaculate with not a strand out of place, wearing the most divine jewels and is partial to floral patterns. Her fashion is probably my favourite out of the other ladies’ at the moment because it’s classic, effortless and chic. Jon Hamm’s character, Don Draper, isn’t too bad either! #handsome







I can’t wait to watch more episodes and in particular, see how Betty Draper’s character evolves throughout the series. I have a feeling she isn’t the perfect housewife she’s supposed to be!

Do you watch a television series where you love the fashion more than the plot?
Have you seen Mad Men?
What TV shows are you addicted to?

Bisous x

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2 thoughts on “Mad About Betty Draper

  1. I binge watched all 5 seasons (I think there is another one now) last year. It was a serious obsession. Suits is my favourite future lawyer fashion inspiration for sure!! Nashville is another other favourite however I feel the fashion would only be appropriate if I lived in Texas and possibly was a country and Western singer but we do live in Armidale so close enough right?

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