Champagne Brunch

I hosted a champagne brunch on Sunday morning for a few friends. I had pictured the brunch to be outside on the verandah with the autumn leaves blowing off trees, and everyone sipping champagne whilst eating their croissants. But, plans never go like you imagine, do they? This weekend has been unpredictably cold. Freezing! There was snow in some parts of the New England and it’s only May! Plans were changed and I hosted the brunch in the dining room, and because of the cold weather, I think I was the only one drinking champers (typical), whilst everyone else drank tea and coffee. A few girls couldn’t make it either because they were run down with illness (thanks again, weather), but we still had a fabulous time, nevertheless, and ate way too much food!







The menu included almond croissants from the Farmers’ Markets, Jules’ scones with jam & cream, bircher muesli and fruit & yoghurt. The winner, though, was the breakfast pie I made. I was so proud of how it turned out – it was delicious!

On another note, how annoying that Woolworths don’t sell Black Label apple juice. They sell an apple, mint and lime juice, but not good old apple. Disappointing. I don’t think anyone else noticed, but, obviously, I am a bit OCD about juice bottles matching (#weird).

Bisous x

P.S. Ivy wrote about her weekend here, including the champagne brunch. Her blog, With Love Poison Ivy, is fab – take a look!

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