The Cambridges

Off Holly and I went to Sydney to see Kate and Wills. 


Road trip essentials = Connies, Allpress coffee (from Prue & Olive, of course) and a Longchamp bag.

We drove down Thursday and after navigating our way around the city (why are there so many one way streets and no right turns?) we found ourselves at our hotel on George Street. Thank goodness. We unpacked and then wandered up the street where we found Grill’d for dinner. So good.  My gosh, the burgers are delicious, and much nicer (and healthier!) than any other fast food chain! The chips are ridiculously yummy as well – they’re seasoned with rosemary and salt goodness. Once you have ordered, you’re given a bottle cap to put in a jar of your choice. There are three options and each jar represents a different charity. Grill’d then donate to the charity with the most caps. Love that idea. 


Holly and I shared the Classic Bacon and Cheese and the Baa Baa.

We then went back to the hotel and zonked out. Well, Holly did. I stayed up and watched a double episode of Law & Order: SVU. Bad idea. I was up all night and ended up falling asleep with the light on. #scaredycat

We were up bright and early for a big day at Manly. After a much needed iced latte (where the guy at Starbucks thought we said ours names were Pauline), we arrived at around 9.30am and walked the length of the beach to suss out where everyone would be. There were some barricades set up and about 5 people standing there, so we decided to go and grab some breakfast before finding a position.



 We forgot to take hats and it was boiling so we bought these from the closest tourist shop #attractive

We were in prime position to see Kate and Wills – in the middle of the front row. All the action was happening on the beach, and this was our view.



Prince George’s surfboard. Not sure it will quite match the interiors of the palace.

Then half an hour before The Cambridges were supposed to arrive, the media stood right in front of us. It was extremely annoying, but I guess they had to take the photos and footage for the rest of the world, so I forgave them. It was just a shame most of the reporters were so rude and wouldn’t sit down when they weren’t doing live crosses. 


At around 3:20pm, Kate and Wills arrived. Kate is stunning and extremely talented at walking on sand. I can barely walk on sand with no shoes, and she managed to run with wedges on! Loved the Zimmermann she wore as well.



Yes, they are dodgy iPhone photos zoomed in, and even though Kate and Wills didn’t come near us, it was a great atmosphere. I stopped taking photos after the first five minutes and just took it all in. The crowds were mayhem though and we ended up making friends with the people around us. One girl had come all the way from Adelaide to see them!


What’s with mothers telling their children to push in all the way to the front? I was not budging for any child, even if she was dressed in a princess costume!

We drove back to the Central Coast that night and stayed at Brianna’s. Homemade pizzas in their outdoor pizza kitchen with the Macinante siblings singing and playing guitar made for a perfect night. In the morning, we quickly visited Terrigal for breakfast with Brianna and Anna before the long drive home.


The Bircher Jar from Bellyfish. Delicious!

That was that. We drove, we saw, we left. All in all, it was a good trip and even though the media stood in front of us the whole time, I’m so glad we made the effort to go. I would have regretted it if we didn’t.

Bisous x

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