Road Trippin’

Tomorrow, Holly and I will be road trippin’ to Sydney for a quick visit to see Wills, Kate and George (fingers crossed, anyway). I am so excited, not only at the thought of seeing the Cambridges (obviously) but for the road trip. I love them! Stocked up on lollies, coffee, music and magazines: how much better can it get? I won’t actually be doing any driving because I can’t drive Hol’s manual so I’ll be having a jolly good time in the passenger seat hehe.


I may not be back on the old blog until Saturday or Sunday, so don’t miss me too much. No doubt I will be on Instagram and Twitter, though and if I see/meet the Royals, I am sure you will all be notified. Speaking of the Royals, did you see George today? Wasn’t he gorgeous? Adorable.

Have a lovely Easter long weekend!

Bisous x

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