Oh Hey, Good Looking!

When I launched Bonjour Olive, I do remember saying that this blog will feature hot celebrities. I am not one to break promises, so without further ado, I give you…

Zac with Sophia Grace & Rosie (Zac being the hot one, and the girls just being ridiculously adorable). I know you were hoping for the photos of Zac topless from the MTV Movie Awards, and even though his body is ridiculous, I thought they may be a bit tasteless for the blog. WHO EVEN AM I, ANYMORE?

And, for those of you who doubted Zac’s potential when he was younger (Summerland, High School Musical), shame on you.

How cute are these girls? They were at Disneyland the same day I was in 2012, and oh my gosh, they were soooooo cute. Their accents killed me. 

Zac and Sophia Grace and Rosie

I hope you enjoyed this little pic. It certainly provided me with a distraction from my uni assignments! (Why do I always leave things to the last minute?)

Bisous x

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