“A strong desire to travel”

I have always wanted to celebrate my 21st birthday in Hawaii, and although time didn’t permit us (Prudence, James and I) to go in April, when we originally hoped, we have booked for the end of June. Cannot. Wait.


Additionally, I have had a major craving to go to Paris and London for Christmas. Photos of the cities covered in snow and fairy lights sold me (although, it’s probably not as magical as it seems). I also have a Kate Spade trench coat I have been dying to wear, which I feel is a good enough excuse to go. After seeing so many people visit and their subsequent Instagram posts, I sent Anna a text saying “let’s just do it!”, so we are hoping to go in December. Nothing is set in stone yet but hopefully it will be soon. We are a bit stuck on where to stay and how long to go for etc. Any suggestions, please?



Molly and Sally are two sisters from Dallas who write a blog called A Piece of Toast (one of my faves). Molly visited Paris and London in March, and her trip looks heavenly. Take a look at their blog, and also Molly’s photos (the above photos are her’s as well). It all looks sooooo pretty.

Anyway, let me know if you have suggestions about Paris and London, the help would be much appreciated! If you have any tips on things to do and see in Hawaii, I would love you forever. Spending a whole day in a Kate Spade store is obviously already on the list.

Bisous x

Photos: one / two / three

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