Over the past week, I have been absolutely spoilt with new things, so I thought I’d share three of my favourites:

The Bowery Wallet

This wallet is a game changer. Game changer, I tell you. I saw it a couple of months ago at a store in town and wanted it immediately but funds prohibited me (hello, saving for Hawaii!). However, I got it for my birthday and it is even nicer than I remember. The brand is Elms + King and what I love most about it is its versatility. You can take the strap off, so it’s just like your standard clutch/wallet but when the strap is on it’s more like a handbag. It’s also great for travelling too, because it’s big enough to hold your essentials: camera, passport, phone, money, 100 bobby pins, 6 pens and 3 different types of lipgloss (is it just me who carries this much stuff?). But the best bit? By far, the navy and white gingham material on the inside. I got the navy (#navyornothing) patent leather Bowery but there are a range of colours and materials to choose from.



Bowery inside

Silk Underlay Knit

This knit from Witchery (where else?) is seriously divine. It’s so soft and comfortable. I went into our local Witchery thinking I’d get a grey or black knit but came out with baby pink. I absolutely love the colour but also how you can pair it with almost anything (again, versatility). 

Witchery Knit

Ballpoint Pens

‘What’s so good about ballpoints pens?’ I hear you ask. Well my friend, you have not used these Kikki K (where else?) ballpoints, have you? Again, game changer. They are soooo nice to write with, and come in the cutest patterns. I don’t yet have this specific pattern, but I have three of the others and they are gorgeous. They sell out extremely quickly online, so I bulk buy them (#nojoke), and currently have multiple packets stocked up in my cupboard. I recommend them to everyone I know, so now all my work colleagues are using these beauties instead of a standard fine point Bic. And for $9.95 for a pack of 5, what a bargain! 

Kikki K Pens

Anyway folks, that’s what I’m loving this week, and I don’t think it will change anytime soon.

Bisous x

Photos: one / two / three / four 


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